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Hello 🙂
If you have trouble buying my eBook WhaleShark at farbenmix.de,
because everything is described in German only, I will help you here!

Please first try if your browser can translate the page.
For chrome, drag the cursor somewhere on the page and right-click.

That’s it!

If that doesn’t work, then just shop in German and it works like this:

First click on the UK flag, than click on the blue button „In den Warenkorb“ / „In the cart“
Now a small window a the right side opens.
This is your cart. You can choose to buy on or to check out.
So click on the blue button „Zur Kasse“ / „Checkout“
You get to that formula.
Fill in your data on the right side beneath the headline „Ich bin Neukunde“ /  „I am a new customer“
List of vocabulary:


Anrede -|- Salutation
Vorname -|- First name
Nachname -|- Last name
Deine Email-Adresse -|- Your email address
Wiederhole Deine Email-Adresse -|- Repeat your email address
Dein Passwort -|- Your password
Wiederhole Dein Passwort -|- Repeat your password
Your password must be at least 8 characters long.
Please note that your password is case sensitive.
Telefon -|- Phone number (this is optional)
Deine Adresse -|- Your address
Straße und Nr. -|- street and house number
PLZ – Ort -|- Postcode and city
Dropdown menu for your country
I know that the format of an address varies worldwide and it is often a bit tricky to get it into a foreign address form, but be creative…
The first box you can ignore, digital goods are not delivered to another address, so do not click it!
You can activate the second box if you would like to receive a German newsletter. So maybe just don’t click it.
The third box is necessary to click, this is about „Datenschutz“ / „privacy policy“, we Germans take this very seriously! 😉
After that just click the blue button „Weiter“ / „Further“ to select the payment method.
You can choose „Vorkasse“ / „payment in advance“ (means bank transfer) or PayPal.
Your download will only be available after receipt of payment, i.e. if you pay by bank transfer it will take a few days. If possible use PayPal, then you can download the file at once!
Click „Weiter“ / „Further“.
It continues with a summary of your entered data. Please check them!
Here you could click again that you want to receive the german farbenmix-newsletter (first box). In the second box you can choose that you want to be reminded of a rating. 
If everything is ok, then click the blue button „Zahlungspflichtig bestellen“ / „Agreement to pay for the order you are placing“.
Done! 🙂


Now what? Downloading!
How to do this is explained in the farbenmix FAQ:
Downloading is as follows:
1. Log in with your email address and password
2. Click on „Ebook Bibliothek“ / „Ebook library“
3. Select ebook
Now all Ebooks and FREEbooks will appear which have already been ordered by you.
On top you will also find a search function, with which you can always find the right ebook quickly.
Click on the ebook picture or the open button below.
4. Download
On the overview page of an ebook you can read the exact description text again. Below you will find the files belonging to the ebook. Click on the picture or the description below and the file will open with the pdf.viewer.
However, before you start printing, the file should be saved or opened with Adobe Reader (small symbol with an arrow in the upper right corner). This is the only way to ensure that the character sets used and the control fields are displayed correctly when printing („select actual size“!).
After this hard work, treat yourself with a coffee, a tea or a beer (?) – Cheers! – and start sewing a lot of funny, cute, adorable and fancy whale sharks!
Have fun!
Love to see all your WhaleSharks on Instagram with #ambazambawalhai 
I created this text with the help of Deepl.com, because it’s been 30 years since I learned English at school! 🙂
Bye bye,

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